Week 6 Review: Stay On Target

Week 6 Review: Stay On Target

Following on from last week’s blip, I am happy to report that this week has gone pretty well, even if I ended it with a bit of a disappointing parkrun performance.

Weight change: LOST 1.4 kg (Remaining: 5.1 kg)
Training: Easy 5.5 km, Speed Training, Easy 10k, Tempo 11k, parkrun 5k
Total Training Distance: 39.1 km

Weight loss

A week away on holiday, plus some fluctuation, led to an increase in weight last week. This graph tells the story, plotting just the Monday results where they are available:

Spot the holiday!

Thankfully, the line is moving in the right direction again!


A decent amount of training this week.

The big plus was setting new PBs at the speed training session, although it was also indicative that I was going waaaaaay too fast at the beginning of the session.

And that segues nicely to the negative: My pacing is still awry overall. It hasn’t helped that when I went to do sessions to concentrate on just this aspect (going nice and easy!) I was either suffering a little from overtraining effects (Wednesday), or it was horrifically humid (Friday).

I am working hills in more now as a general routine which should help with stamina overall.

I’ll be covering the overtraining aspect in a separate posting later this week.

My Garmin 735xt‘s strap decided to protest as well, so has been replaced…

Oh snap.

parkrun Time Trial!

OK, OK, parkrun is not a race but it is a great opportunity to assess 5k performance. I got to run sans-running buggy at the weekend. How did it go?

Well, it was perishingly hot, and I failed at pacing again. I recorded a disappointing 22:37. I won’t be too disheartened at that due to the conditions, but it still feels like there is an awful lot of work for me to be doing!

The Week Ahead….


I’m racing in the JP Morgan Corporate Challenge this week, so a focus of my training has to be to stay fresh for that. This will mean shifting things around a bit, as I can’t really do a full-on speed training session the night before!

There is also the opportunity for me to do an updated Time Trial with my running club (done monthly over the lighter part of the year) — that one I will play by ear depending on how I feel post-race.


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