Day One

Day One

Hi! I’m Tristan and I want to hit a sub-twenty minute 5k run. This blog is to help keep me focused on this goal.

I’ve had this challenge in my head for a few years now, but have not worked hard (or smart?) enough to achieve it. My fastest time to date was in 2018 at Evesham parkrun, clocking in at 20:52. However, there’s a significant effort required to make up those 52 seconds.

Not helping is that I have put on some ‘baby weight’ this year due to a new arrival! Okay, that’s a pretty poor excuse: The reality is that I haven’t been disciplined enough. That has to change.

Here’s the latest running picture of me:

Running in 2019

And here was me at what I felt was my ‘best’ running weight:

Refereeing 2015

To be clear, it isn’t about the number here: It’s how I feel when running. Right now, I feel sluggish and without the best turning circle! I can definitely feel the difference when at my ‘fighting weight’.

The immediate goals are simple:

  • Diet: I will be on a 2000 kcal level. This works well for me for sensible and controlled weight loss. I ‘earn’ calories through exercise. I track this via the excellent MyFitnessPal. No binge eating.
  • Baseline Training: Establish training so that I am back to regularly running 10k training distances without it feeling a struggle at any point (Unless I am choosing to beast myself, that is!)

Once I am feeling a bit more stable with the above, I can progress to fitness training which is tailored more to the goal at hand.

These initial steps are pretty simple by design. Let’s have fun in the process too!

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