Achievement Unlocked: 80 kg

Achievement Unlocked: 80 kg

The scales were kind this morning, with my weigh-in hitting 80 kg exactly — one of my Achievements along the road towards hitting a sub-twenty 5k.

I weigh myself every morning as part of keeping the focus, although I stick to Monday mornings being the ‘weekly update’ day.

It’s steady progress. I hit 82.5 kg back on 29th May, so essentially 2.5 kg in a month (including a week’s holiday in that time).

My target weight is 75 kg. I’ve hit that weight before and it has been a good one for me. After that…. I’m not sure yet!

Strategy remains a fixed 2000 kcal per day, with any exercise calories earned eaten back. That’s always a good incentive to get out running: 10k works out to be around 800 kcal…. Enough for a pizza 😉

10k run = one of these!

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