Week 5 Review: Blip on a Break

Week 5 Review: Blip on a Break

A ‘blip’ of a week in terms of the weight, although expected due to being on holiday. However, consistent training continues…

Weight change: GAIN 0.9 kg (Remaining: 6.5 kg)
Training: Tempo 10k, Speed Training, Exploring 5.5k, Walking parkrun 5k, Buggy Run 7k
Total Training Distance: 33.9 km

Weight loss

I have been away for a week on holiday with the family. This has meant not eating particularly well, although not particularly excessively all the time! My honest opinion is that some of that 0.9 kg gain is also fluctuation / temporary and that it is going to be come down again pretty sharpish.

I have been ‘back on the wagon’ since Sunday and so the right habits are back in play.


While the diet might not have been great, I did manage to keep up the training.

It was great to get in some speed training at a local track, and to explore the other running routes on offer.

In terms of ‘running feel’, I do feel that my running form is returning, and that was particularly evident in the track session and also when out on a buggy run session last night. My overall speed seems to be picking up and my movement feels more fluid.

In terms of the coming week, the speed training will continue to be essential, backing it up with getting the miles in. It’s really important to keep things balanced so that I am improving performance without breaking myself!


I am disappointed in myself in the weight gain, even with the ‘I was on holiday!’ excuse. I’m confident it will come down again though.

This coming week is about ensuring I am properly back on track, and building up the training so that I can start thinking about a 5k time trial to assess my progress. Whether that is at a parkrun or just done solo I’m not sure yet…

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