Week 14 Review: Not That Bad

Week 14 Review: Not That Bad

Despite the gloomy nature of yesterday’s post, things were not so bad after all in my usual Monday weigh-in. I say ‘usual’, but that’s stretching it a bit considering I have been neglecting doing it for a while! Insert the usual work / routine / children / lame excuses here, of course…

Weight change: + 1.2 kg (Remaining: 3 kg)
Training: Speed training (6 x 400m), Easy cycling 10k, Tempo 12k, Buggy parkrun 5k
Total Training Distance: 25 km running, 10k cycling

Weight loss

Just an increase of 1.2 kg after all that! Not bad considering this is after a return from holiday as well (including an obligatory blow-out at an American-themed diner, oops). At the end of the day, this leaves me with 3 kg to lose. The overall trend is very much downwards.


This was relatively low key due to being away. The speed training was cut short due to hungry children – good to blow out the cobwebs though! Plenty of walking and gentle cycling during the week, and one tempo run to explore the local forest.

My current thoughts on training:

  1. I need to do another 5k benchmark soon. I’m hovering at around 21:45 on my local parkrun but that is somewhat undulating. Can I hit 21 minutes on a flat course, or the track?
  2. I need to include more low intensity work so that the balance is right.
  3. I’m thinking ahead a bit to the upcoming Great South Run (10 miles) – what should I be doing for that?

What’s next?

The upcoming week is really about maintaining focus now that I’m back on the fitness wagon.

If I’m honest, I can trace where things went a bit awry: the refereeing came back into play. The intensity of the games can mean it is far too easy to eat excessively afterwards, and that’s not a good habit to be in!

With two games this week (albeit one as 4th official…), this week is a good opportunity to kick that one into touch.

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