Week 4 Review: On Track

Week 4 Review: On Track

This week everything has continued to go well, with more weight loss and managing to get back on the track for some speed training!

Weight change (Tracked to Friday): LOST 0.5 kg (Remaining: 5.6 kg)
Training: Speed training, Recovery 5.5k, Social 8.3k, Buggy parkrun 5k
Total Training Distance: 26.8 km

Weight loss

I was only able to track up to and including Friday, but this still yielded great results. Just need to keep at it! I’m still seeing a theme of plateauing though: Weight drops, then climbs a bit during the week, then there is the next ‘big drop’. Then the cycle repeats. As the overall trend is downwards, this is nothing to be concerned about.


I covered the speed training protocol in an earlier blog post. It was good to get back on the track. Key is to ensure either a speed or hill training session each week. I really feel the benefit from doing them.

One flaw this week was a lack of a tempo run. I had a social and ‘buggy speed’ parkrun (Which is intensive, albeit only 5k). Social (‘easy’) pace is definitely important in terms of mixing things up but I would like to keep everything in balance.


A good week, overall. Certainly in terms of weight loss and speed training. I do need to keep up the training volume and variety, in conjunction with ‘easy’ runs where appropriate. Let’s see how that balancing act comes out over the weeks to come.

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