Week 9 Review: Pre-Season Begins!

Week 9 Review: Pre-Season Begins!

A special week as this featured my first game of pre-season!

Weight change: LOST 0.3 kg (Remaining: 3.3 kg)
Training: Tempo 7k, Speed training, Steady 10k, Referee 10k
Total Training Distance: 34 km

Weight loss

A slower week for weight loss, but I was expecting that…

Firstly, I was away with work to Brussels at the beginning of the week. Although I did fairly well with diet for most of that time, a hellish return journey on the train resulted in me eating too much, to be blunt.

Following my first game of pre-season on the Saturday, I demolished ALL the chips in the local are as part of a takeaway, and then a few drinks at a party later on. It all adds up.

However, as the rest of the week was ‘well behaved’, the trend is still downwards!

There is also a bit of plateauing going on, based on the readings I’ve had on subsequent days – i.e. an immediate significant drop! The proof of that will be in next week’s official weigh-in…


I was hoping to get in a session before jumping on the Eurostar to Brussels on the Monday morning, but this didn’t happen!

I managed to put in a mixture of training sessions for the rest of the week, and it was a good balance:

  • Got in a tempo run, including hills.
  • Got in a Speed Training session.
  • Got in a steady / gentle 10k around London.
  • My first pre-season game in terms of refereeing!

I’ve been working a lot on running fitness, but match fitness is a whole different thing. It always takes a while to adjust, and the hot weather had an impact as well. Hence an ice cream was definitely needed afterwards…

Flake devoured as a priority before the photo…

What’s next?

My focus now is to ensure the variety of training mixed in with any more pre-season games as it happens. In addition, watch my diet on match days as it can be easy to slip into eating too much due (e.g. food after the game, and more food when back home!)

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