First week in review

First week in review

It is a bit of a stretch to have a ‘week in review’ posting after just a few days of being ‘back on it’ and this blog existing. However, start as you mean to go on! Sunday will be the end of each week.

I’m not really a believer in waiting until arbitrary points in time when starting something like this, e.g. “I’ll do it in the New Year!”, so here we are.

In summary:

  • Training: 10k tempo run, 5k parkrun (with buggy) and 6k additional buggy run to check out the local diggers! None of the runs are feeling what I would call natural just yet.
  • Diet: Goals achieved throughout. Not too shabby considering this included a takeaway night with the neighbours.
  • Weight: Only taken the starting measurement at this point, so this is firmly neutral!

I have also put together an Achievements page to track my progress against various sub-goals in this challenge. That’s still being fleshed out at the moment but it should give you an idea.

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